About me


First of all: hello, you have found my personal blog. Welcome.

I’m a beauty and fashion editor living in Brooklyn with my dog and my boyfriend. I love fashion history, finding new and creative ways to incorporate more black into my wardrobe, and really awful pop music. Get on my level.

You might know me from xoVain, StyleCaster, Daily Makeover, and now Revelist, where I direct all of our beauty and fashion content. It is the best job ever, and I regularly feel like the luckiest human in the world.

This blog, which I kept almost daily during several of the strangest, hardest years of my life, is frequently embarrassing, overly-earnest and filled with lots of bad photos. It’s also a great record of how I got to where I am today, which is why I haven’t deleted it in favour of a sleek, perfectly-branded portfolio. I’m proud of the shit I’ve been through. I encourage you to be, too.

I am still becoming an adult. I am still handling all the WTF the world can dish out. I’m just a little more grown up than I was. And that’s awesome.