About this blog

This blog is a record of eight super-weird years of my life. I began it when I was an unemployed party girl in Chicago who was just considering getting into the writing game, and it’s followed me through relationships, major family shit, and that one time I got cancer.

Shit has changed considerably from there to here, is what I’m saying.

I have not kept this blog up as religiously as I once did. Part of this is because being a senior-level editor is no fucking joke, and I’m busier now than I ever have been before. Part of it is because I spend ten to twelve hours a day on the internet, and when I’m not doing work, I kinda just want to unplug. And part of it is that I no longer feel the need to spill the entirety of my guts in public anymore. Some things I like to keep just for me.

I’ll update this site sporadically with dispatches from the beauty and fashion trenches, but otherwise I highly recommend checking out Revelist, my baby. I write there like three times a day about whatever the hell I feel like, so it’s a much better reflection of my life than this site currently is.



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