This is just to say

plums(Source unknown? I’m sorry, it’s just so perfect!)


This is just to say
that I have not written
anything new
for this blog

And you were probably
if I was
still alive

Forgive me
I have been busy
so busy
so tired

(Sorry, William Carlos Williams)

Anyway, the poem is true–I’ve been dreadfully neglectful. It sucks and I’m sorry. When life and work and all that nonsense get crazy, the first thing to get sacrificed in the name of “having enough time to sleep” is fun stuff. This blog is #1 on the list of fun stuff, which means it’s the first thing to suffer.

Don’t worry, though. The bathroom has been remodelled, the leak in the ceiling has been patched up and things are slowly returning to what passes for normal around here. Regular service will resume soon. In the meantime, why not click the “Greatest Hits” tab up above and check out some of my favourite older posts? There’s all kinds of stuff in there!

Thanks for putting up with my sporadic ass. I’ll be back soon.


5 thoughts on “This is just to say

  1. I get it. Sometimes it just has to take a back seat to life… I don’t know how some bloggers have the time to be consistent. Do they stop to enjoy their lives when they’re constantly on the search for content?


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