Wind It Up: Ten things I love about life (in the second week of August)

It’s been a hot minute since I posted. I know you guys better than to think you’d pest me about it (she said, congratulating people on desired behaviour), but I’ve been busy. Life is really stressful! I am only barely surviving! Honestly I’ve been holding off posting so that I don’t end up going all AAAASDFGHJKL across the internet and having “Alle goes crazy” as a permanent event on the internet. Plus, how am I meant to be talking about BEING AWESOME and HAVING A FANTASTIC LIFE when so much of my own revolves around trying to persuade adult people to get out of bed/take their medication/that frisbee golf is not a valid career choice? Shit can be rough sometimes.

But none of that affects the person I am except for the better. This is what I tell myself. I’m being subjected to intense pressures and heat until all my organic matter burns away and I am left hard and glittering and beautiful. Transformation, yo. Nobody ever said it would be easy, they just said it would be worth it.

Anyway! Let’s wind up this week with a happiness list! Happiness has been a little light on the ground lately, so that makes taking stock for what I am grateful for even more important.

  • Shark Week. You may remember my post last year about this, the holiest and most awesome of weeks. Well, this year I wasn’t the only one who got excited about seven days of non-stop sharky excitement…
    I mean, if you have a little shark costume and you have a little dog, you’re morally obligated to put the latter in the former. It’s science. (No Olivers were harmed in the making of these pictures. He was bribed very thoroughly. So don’t worry!)
  • Memory foam. Fun fact: I have a weird spine. Basically my lower back curves out more than a normal person’s does and hyperextends to a circuslike degree. The things you learn in physical therapy! It’s mostly okay, except that all the pressure goes on my lower vertebrae and it hurts. A lot. Fed up with sleeping like shit because of it, I caved and bought a memory foam mattress. Guys. AMAZING. It’s like sleeping on a million angels made of rainbows! I don’t want to tell you all to run out and get one, but RUN OUT AND GET ONE. Thank me later.
  • RIP glasses. So this didn’t make me happy exactly, but Oliver chewed up my glasses. As in, ruined. Kaput. Done. Now I have contacts while I take my sweet time trying to figure out what new specs to get, BUT THIS ALSO MEANS regular, non-prescription sunglasses! For the first time in like ten years! I picked these guys…They’re basically your classic Wayfarer, only bigger and without that weird, angled-in-towards-your-face thing. I love them.
  • Crazy dog ladies. I have some great friends with some great dogs, and this week saw a serious uptick in the number of cute dog pictures I sent and received. I’m so lucky to know so many people with cute pups of their own! There’s nothing I like more than sitting down for a lazy couple hours on Saturday and texting my friends about their canine companions.
  • Bacon pancakes. Listen to this song once and it will never leave your brain.

    Adventure Time is the best.

  • Laughing until you cry. You know how sometimes you talk to your best mate about exes, and then somehow that turns into a weird riff on the idea that everyone you know and everything you do is just a figment of your imagination? And then you both end up laughing so hard that you can’t breathe properly and your sides hurt and you’re crying everywhere? THAT IS THE BEST. Way to make an entire shitty week better, Michael Davis!
  • Harry Potter. You guys, Harry Potter turned 32 recently. That means we are OLD. To celebrate, I reread the whole series and it doesn’t matter how many times I do it or that I know what’s coming, the whole thing with Snape and Lily makes me cry SO MUCH. Easily the most moving thing in the entire series.
  • Friday Night Lights. I started watching the show because I heard Riggins gets a dog who looks like Oliver.
    It’s a miracle I like the show, though, because football is boring as fuck to me and it isn’t like I’m desperate to relive high school. I chalk it up to Coach Taylor’s awesome speeches and the music from Explosions in the Sky.
  • Cool off, cool off. It’s like I can’t stop obsessing about the weather. I was psyched when it got summertime hot here, and I mostly stuck to that enthusiasm…even as we hit a million days in a row of surface-of-the-sun temperatures. Ugh. Now, though, it’s getting cooler and rainy and oh man, I am so all for it.
  • Getting shit done. I finished a big fat (no pun intended) project this week. I don’t know how long it’ll stay finished, but it feels really good to have it submitted.

What are you happy for this week? If I can find ten things, so can you.

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