Wind It Up: Ten things I love about life (in the first week of June)

End of the week! Finally!

Getting shit done. This week I had some crazy-ass deadlines, including one for a story that turned out to be very hard to write. The research I’d done bummed me out so hard that I couldn’t bring myself to put it all together. But I did. And I’m really, really pleased with the way it’s turned out. No spoilers on the subject, but you’ll be able to read it next week!

Blue Steel. The cutest baby in the whole world, King William, is now four months old and serving up some serious Zoolander realness.

As I said to Bee (also pictured and also gorgeous), I am gonna cuddle him SO HARD.

Beautiful weather. I grew up in the Australian desert, and I’m always really happy when the temperature starts nudging ninety. The humidity I could do without, but alas, it is the price we pay in Chicago. I’ve been living in my “just leaving dance rehearsal” summer outfit for the last week: dark grey jorts, a too-big tank top and a bright sports bra, and I couldn’t be happier.

True Blood. It’s back, and I’m really optimistic after last season’s suckfest (no pun intended). Wondertwin and I are such perves, we’ve been sending each other pictures of shirtless Alcide for weeks now. We can’t help it. Boy is FIIIIIINE.

Plus he’s in that Magic Mike movie as a character called Big Dick Richie. So, uh…yeah, I’m going to have to see that.

Bread. For some ungodly reason, I woke up this week and decided to learn how to bake bread. Yeah, I don’t know either. Anyway, after getting frustrated at the internet, and I suppose at bread itself for being so fucking hard to make, Melissa sent me a recipe for refrigerator bread. It’s like 90% easier than even the simplest other recipe I found, and I am determined to make it. I’ll report back on Monday.

Red Mango. Fuck you, Pinkberry. You don’t have exploding liquid Mango balls.

Heh…balls. (I never said I was mature)

Big decisions. So if you follow me on Twitter, you probably know that I’ve got some Important Life Choices to make. A lot of the time I’m not super-psyched about change, as ‘change’ basically means ‘the unknown’ which is scary. But, I don’t know, I’m kind of excited about it! I get to make pro/con lists, for one thing. That’s pretty good news.

Flowerstagram. This tag is my jam, yo. I am all about flowers!

If you’re down for a lot of colour, you can follow me on Instagram: helloalle.

Writing, writing, writing: All year I’ve told myself that I have to write more fiction, and I’ve finally started. It’s awesome and recharging in a whole different way! I have an entire book planned out in my head, and seeing it on paper is an awesome feeling…but I suspect it’s going to be even more awesome-feeling when it’s done. Who knows, maybe somebody else will even want to read it? ONLY TIME WILL TELL.

And now, the Week In Oliver: Little Sweet Potato has not been loving the hot weather, although I probably wouldn’t either if I were always wearing a black fur coat. He’s also been trying to get very involved in work, and by that I mean “trying to prevent me from doing any.” This generally means stealing my chair when I work at my dining table, or flopping across my lap so that I can’t use my laptop if I’m sitting on my bed.

Hmm…why can’t I get into my iTunes? I’m gonna have to take this in to the Apple store.

Right now he’s sitting at the foot of my bed, protecting me from a spider he saw on the wall last night. Best dog ever.

And that’s the week! What’s been making you happy in the last seven days? Tell me all about it in the comments, or drop me a line on Twitter.

4 thoughts on “Wind It Up: Ten things I love about life (in the first week of June)

  1. We’re freezing in Perth right now! And that is making me happy this week, my reasons are twofold.

    Firstly, as always I’m happy our land is getting a drink, but secondly and mostly, because we cant afford proper heating (we have a gas heater that’s as old as time and only stays on for 5 minutes every few hours) we have to warm up the old fashioned way.



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