Wind It Up: Ten things I love about life (in the last-ish week of May)

It’s the end of a beautiful week, weather-wise, but I am feeling extremely sorry for myself so it may as well be storming. But there’s no better way to cheer myself up than with a happy list! Isn’t that what these are for?

Spending time with my best friends. Working long hours and being constantly stressed makes it feel like having a social life is totally impossible. At the end of the week, I’m tired and worn down and I just want to flop on my bed with my dog and watch tv. But this week I made some serious time to get together with Charlotte and Lorelei and catch up. It was so fantastic, and it’s reminded me of how much strength I draw from my friends.

Street art. Wander around Wicker Park for ten minutes and your eyeballs are spoiled by all the awesome stuff to look at. A couple favourites:

Birthday! Birthday! May 19th was my Mama’s birthday! We all went out for martinis and way too much delicious Italian food, and then had icecream cake for dessert.

Dairy Queen, man. It’s the best. I’d kill a man for the frozen whipped cream alone.

Material Girl #1. I ordered this awesome bracelet last week and basically could not wait for it to arrive. It’s a silver engraved cuff from House of Harlow (I KNOW, I was surprised too) with two curving claws and OH OH OH. I love it so much.

The best part about it is that even though it’s heavy and the metal is thick, you can still shape the cuff. I like to wear bracelets midway up my forearm–I HATE when they bang around my wrist–and so being able to custom fit it is amazing.

Material Girl #2. Apparently I’m the only one calling bandage dresses “slut dresses”? I mention this because when I got excited and told everybody that I got a really great slut dress, they were universally confused. Here is a picture so you can decide for yourselves; please pay no attention to the mess going on behind me.

Although this dress is great and fits like a dream, I really need to complain about vanity sizing for a minute because this shit is out of CONTROL. I know what my measurements are, and I am fine with them. Designers and stores don’t need to lie to me about what dress size I wear. This dress that I am wearing, for example, is a size zero. And okay I’m thin and I’m tall, but ON NO PLANET am I a legit size zero. I modeled; I know what that looks like. I think I speak for all women when I say GET SOME CONSISTENCY, PLEASE. All we want is to pick up a dress in a size we know will fit us, rather than having to consult a fucking oracle to discover what random number should be on the clothing we want to buy. Thanks!

Liquid luck. I was out looking for a good makeup primer (which I found) when I saw this…

I bought it without really knowing what it’s for, because it looks like a really chic vial of Felix Felicis. I’m pretty sure that when I put this on my face (as a highlighter, maybe?) I will win ALL the Quiddich matches!

Summer neons. It’s no surprise to anyone that I love me some superbright nail polish. I wear it year round, but the especially awesome colours come out in the summertime. Essie, who seriously makes most of my favourite polishes, has (mostly!) knocked it out of the park this season.

Lights is a neon fuschia. Camera is a super bright coral red-pink (I’m wearing it in the picture with the Felix Felicis). Action is a seriously, seriously bright yellow-orange. Bazooka is…fine. It’s a red-orange, not really anything special. But for real, get the first three. You’ll love them enough to rock them year round, I assure you.

Climbing trees. There are some things that you outgrow as you get older. Pigtails. Playing house. Dolls (I hope you outgrew dolls anyway, they are scary). But there’s one thing that I’ve never outgrown, and that is the desire to get as high up trees as possible. I’m a really good climber, which surprises a lot of people. They don’t know that it’s basically how I spent my entire childhood…and my teen years…

This tree wasn’t especially high–the branch I’m in is maybe seven feet off the ground?–but there weren’t any branches to hold onto, so I had to awkwardly pick my way up the trunk and hope I didn’t slip and knock out all my teeth. And speaking of things one probably should have grown out of, I got that tshirt all the way back in 1998 for a dance contest my school was entered in. Rock Eisteddfod, HAAAAAAY! Teenage dream steez!

All my shows are over. OH WAIT THIS DOESN’T MAKE ME HAPPY AT ALL. My only consolation during this difficult time is that Pretty Little Liars is coming back in like two weeks, and True Blood after that. And there’s still some Mad Men and Game of Thrones left. But ugh! Bereft! Mama needs her stories!

Guess who? Here is me trying to take a not-horrifying picture of myself…and here comes Oliver, who decides that it cannot POSSIBLY be a good picture without him.

And you know what? He wasn’t wrong. I love this little wiggle-butt.

So what’s been making you happy this week? Alternately, what’s made you want to hide under the covers and yell “LEAVE ME ALONE TO DIE”? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!

3 thoughts on “Wind It Up: Ten things I love about life (in the last-ish week of May)

  1. Unexpected flowers arriving in the most hellish week of work since I started here put things in perspective; my JOB may blow sometimes, but my LIFE is totally awesome!

  2. You still have you rock eisteddfod top? o_0
    Things that made me happy this week: my babies sleeping through the night! Someone seeking me out on facebook to tell me they loved the products they bought of me and can they book a party so they can get more. Lovely italian dinner last night. My amazing new crabtree and evelyn tea pot and cup set. and snuggles in bed while its cold 🙂

  3. What made me feel good this week, is knowing life could be worse and I cut “the fat” by three…..wrote three men and told them I don’t date for sex, so if they don’t want to date eventually for a comitment, I will only see them again for friend dating only. Wow, so I have a lot of time for my kids now!!!! I also found a book I want to start reading 🙂


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