Name game

Welcome to the shiny new!

(Yours truly, age twenty or so, during the glory days of Myspace.)

I named myself Alle Malice when I was 19. I had just started at DePaul University and a friend had tricked me into signing up for Myspace (thanks Isaiah). I felt like I needed a buffer between my real self and the weird world of the internet, so a fake last name fit the bill: “Malice” flowed nicely with my first name, it was memorable, it seemed tough and cool. I didn’t put any thought into the connotations of the name, ie: that being malicious isn’t a nice thing to be, because it was just the internet. Who cares?

I had NO IDEA how important the internet was going to be in my life and my career. Since I haphazardly decided on that Myspace name, I have graduated college, changed my hair about a zillion times and, I don’t know, grown the hell up. Even though I’ve written under dozens of other pen names over the years, “Alle Malice” was what the people in my life called me. Hell, it was what I called myself. And that started to feel…wrong.

I’m an adult and I’m a writer. I’m not a kid posting artsy pictures of herself and hoping for comments anymore. Since I write mostly for the internet, this blog is effectively the face I show the world. I want it to represent who I am now and who I’m becoming, not who I was when I was nineteen.

So “Malice” was a fine last name, and it did what I wanted it to do at the time, but ultimately I’ve outgrown it. It’s a little scary to suddenly be without the protective skin of a pen name, but it’s mostly really nice. My name is Alle Connell and I’m happy with my choice. I hope you guys are, too.

2 thoughts on “Name game

  1. I love the name Alle Malice for the “a kid posting artsy pictures of herself” thing and it certainly flows with your name. BUT… I agree. You seem very grown up, and going to Alle Connell seems like a natural flow for you too. If Alle Connell likes martinis and pizza as much as Alle Malice, I am all for it.

    Also! it’s interesting how many people are changing names at the moment……



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