Wind It Up: Ten things I love about life (in the third week of February)

I’ve been lazy! I know! It’s time to MAKE WITH THE HAPPY! And I’m kind of using a funny definition of “week” but whatever!

  • Introducing King William. On February 11th, I became an Aunt. Three cheers for my wonderful Mama Bee, her stern husband James and extremely handsome puppy Sarge on the new addition to their family. He is tiny and pink and his hair goes into a cute little mohawk. It’s so exciting. I can’t wait to give him cuddles in real life!
  • Shopping. Because His Majesty MUST be dressed in only the finest attire, I went shopping. And if you’ve ever seen these shirts…
    …and wondered “Who is the A-hole who buys this stuff?” well, it’s me. I am that A-hole. I can’t help it, IT’S ADORABLE.
  • Doctor Who. The last thing that I needed was another nerdy obsession, but here I am with another nerdy obsession. Like all small children in Australia and the UK, I watched quite a lot of Doctor Who as a kid but hadn’t gotten into the newer edition. This is mostly because Billie Piper is in the first few seasons, and I couldn’t separate Rose Tyler from her teenage pop career. Observe:

    I’m pretty sure that if the Doctor had have seen that, he would have thought twice about taking her aboard the TARDIS.

  • I’ve got a brand new pair of rollerskates... Okay, not really. But I DO have a pair of supercute new shoes that I’ve worn basically nonstop, and they are THE BEST.
    I don’t know how to describe them…oxford meets saddle shoe with a heel? No idea. All I know is that they are adorable and comfy as hell, which is a heretofore unknown luxury. I mean, they’ve got a three inch heel. That’s practically a flat as far as I’m concerned.
  • Seeing red. I have a new favourite red nail polish: Deborah Lippmann’s Do you think I’m sexy? It’s giant chunks of bright red glitter (here worn over Essie’s Fishnet Stockings). It’s so sparkly. There’s no way to do it justice in a picture; it’s blindingly bright in real life.
    Swoon swoon swoon. And then swoon again. Well worth the $18 price tag.
  • This article.What Modelling Taught Me About Men, Money and Life. Absolutely PERFECT in all ways and totally worth a read, even if you are not considering a career in/have escaped the shackles of being professionally pretty. There is lots of very valuable advice, ie: There’s just no point at which someone shows up and gives you money for being pretty (or being talented in general). There’s no Jesus who reaches out of the sky to reward you, fairly, for being so special and better than everyone else. If someone does ever pay you for being pretty or talented, it is only so they can make even more money off of you. That’s it. That’s all there is. Be clear about that. Very clear. WRITERS, PAY ATTENTION.
  • Politics. I’ve written a little somethin’ somethin’ about US politics for my STM column next week. I didn’t think I’d like writing about the shrieking idiots running for the Republican nomination, but do you know what? IT WAS AWESOME. I’ll post links when it’s up, but in the meantime…
  • Speaking of politics… Can we talk for a minute about Bill Maher? I don’t always love him–I find his schtick to be a little smug sometimes–but he has been straight up KILLING it lately. Here is a video of him talking about atheism and then “un-baptising” Mitt Romney’s atheist father in law, who was baptised into the Mormon faith after he had died. Dick move in a long line of dick moves there, Romney. If you can’t convince someone to subscribe to your newsletter while they are alive, you don’t get to sign them up when they’re dead. Watch, it’s great.

    I especially liked the wizard hat.

  • Getting over it. So a few weeks ago I won a contest by tweeting my best getting-over-a-dude story (which I’ll admit is pretty good, as it involves wine, brie, Taco Bell and breaking into a zoo). My prize? A copy of Getting Over Garrett Delaney by Abby McDonald, who you can–nay, SHOULD–follow on twitter.
    And the book is fantastic. It’s sharp and sweet and funny with a strong, relatable cast of characters. It’s part comprehensive checklist for getting over someone (without coming across as preachy or idealistic) and part fun summer finding-yourself YA romp (without pandering or being superficial). I loved it as an adult and I know I would have loved it as a teenager, too. You should buy it and enjoy it as much as I did.
  • Finally flowers. When the magazine I was in came out, some colleagues of mine paid out on me pretty hard. When the column came out, they made fun of me even more…and then they sent flowers, because they were secretly proud of me. Or I should say, they sent a basket of dirt and moss and unsprouted amaryllis bulbs. Fast forward to now, and almost six weeks later my flowers are finally starting to look like flowers.
    I smile every time I look at them. Who else would send a basket of dirt so that I could have longer to enjoy the flowers? THAT is thinking ahead.

And that’s the week! I hope you all had an awesome Valentine’s, Galentine’s or Palentine’s day and that you have some fun stuff planned for the weekend. I’m going to the Shedd Aquarium for the first time in a couple of years, and I’m really excited.

8 thoughts on “Wind It Up: Ten things I love about life (in the third week of February)

      1. Yeah we are learning this quickly, every time Bees mum goes to buy something she comes back with more little clothes! This kid already has more clothes than me, and a better fashion sense!

  1. Announcing my services as PERSONAL SHOPPER, James. I’ll go out and get you tonnes of monster-themed clothes. It’ll be awesome.

  2. I so love your lists. I’ve been doing mine (a little too religiously perhaps) and realised what a geek I am. But oh such happy geekdom! Love.

    (Also, I think you’ve just inspired me to collect, as I remember them, stories about my Dad; which could be important for me. So thank you.)


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