Palentine’s day

Hi everyone! YES, I realise it’s been two weeks since I’ve written anything. YES, I feel bad about it, but also YES I am okay. There’s been an awful lot of Life going on and I’ve been feeling VERY OVERWHELMED but somehow at the same time VERY BORING. All the exciting and cool things going on are things that I can’t talk about, “yet” or “never ever.” Everything else is me collapsed in bed, wearing ugly pants and mainlining episodes of Doctor Who. Not exactly thrilling reading.

But here is what I want to talk to you guys about. Yesterday was Valentine’s day, which is great, because it means that today you can buy really cheap heart-shaped chocolates! I know a lot of people get bummed out about V-day–either because it’s an overcommercialised bullshit extravaganza, or because they’re single and it makes them feel crappy, or maybe because they hate the colour red–so I’ve decided that there should be another holiday. Enter Palentine’s Day.

(Bleeding heart cupcake made for me with love by Cait)

If you watch Parks and Recreation (and you should, it’s hilarious) you’ll know all about Galentine’s day. The problem is, not all of my nearest and dearest are gals. Hence, Palentine’s day: a celebration of all the amazing friends I have in my life, which includes YOU, o gorgeous and wonderful readers of this blog!

You guys are fantastic. Really truly. Every day of my life, I do or say something that pulls me up short and makes me say “HOW IS IT POSSIBLE that I have ANY friends at all?” I’m a tangled-up ball of barbed wire sometimes and the fact that anyone, let alone MULTIPLE anyones, can stomach smoothing me out (even as I cut up their hands) on a daily basis is nothing short of miraculous.

Every day of my life, I am painfully aware of the vast gap between me and other people. But I come here and I write, and you tell me you know how it feels, and it makes me feel less alone.

Every day of my life, I set my shoulders and say “Well, maybe I’ll be alone for the rest of my life and that’s okay. Romantic love might not be in my programming.” And then I talk it out and you guys whisper secrets to me and I realise that maybe, just maybe, it won’t be like that.

There are jokes when I feel crappy. There are songs when I need to sing. There are cupcakes and hot tea and pictures of cute puppies and new babies and hope and wonderful things.

This is the stuff you guys bring me. This is the stuff that I might not ordinarily see by myself.

For all that, and more, Happy Palentine’s day. Here’s a Palentine I made for my friend Emily. (I did mention I’ve been watching a lot of Doctor Who.)

(She wants it to be David Tennant, whereas I am more partial to Matt Smith. Details, details.)

4 thoughts on “Palentine’s day

  1. THAT is the best Valentine ever. I completely adore this. And I have to say, I might, once, have considered the idea of Palentine’s a little bit twee… but after yesterday, sitting here not at all sure how to feel about Valentine’s Day… I kind of like the idea of Palentine’s. It’s making me smile.

    (Also, I’m a Matt Smith fan too. Especially when he had that fez at the end of his first series. What a beautiful man. I’m so glad I still like the ex he reminds me of.)

    1. It is a bit twee and adorable, but I still think it’s a good idea. Basically every holiday has a gigantic ROMANTIC PARTNER emphasis, but there’s not much emphasis placed on the other relationships in life, you know? I think it’s time to take it back!

      And yes, Matt Smith. I appreciate his face. I think it’s because I have a weird face that I appreciate them so much in dudes. Rowr.

  2. I spent valentines day with my soon to be ex husband because our daughters wanted to see him and thought that since everyone makes such a big fuss over it that maybe we would change our minds and decide to stay together.Well it didn’t go so well.We ended up throwing insults at each other and blaming each other why our marriage went wrong


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