Wind It Up: Ten things I love about life (in the first week of January)

It’s the end of the week as we know it! How have the first six days of the new year treated you so far? Me, I’m pretty pleased with how things are moving along, even though I’ve been very sick. Tis the season.

And now it’s time to…

  • My ukulele. Early this week I mentioned the one-two punch of a high fever and lots of cold medicine that resulted in the weirdest Amazon purchase of all time: a ukulele. It arrived, and I’ve been teaching myself how to play (because what else am I going to do with it, you know?). I know that the ukulele is about the easiest instrument to play, but I’ve still been surprising myself at how quickly I’ve picked it up. All those years of piano and dance might have taught me something about music after all. Plus, this has been happening to my fingers a lot:
    I secretly kind of like it. Makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something.
  • My nails. This is a bit of a ukulele follow-up: Do you know how many people told me that I wouldn’t be able to play it, or any stringed instrument, with long nails? OH MY GOD SO MANY. And do you know how much of an impediment I’ve found them so far? NONE. What I’ve learned from this is that people will tell you certain things are impossible if it flies in the face of what they know, or if it’s different than the way they know how to do it. Don’t listen. Try it your own way and see how you do.
  • TV. I’m always happy about tv because it’s absolutely my medium of choice, but this week marks the midseason return of some of my favourites. The Vampire Diaries & Revenge have come charging back out of the gate, while The Secret Circle remains the show I most enjoy tweeting about.
    If you’d like to twitter along with us, we’d love to have you next Thursday. It’s like a coffeeklatch, except with more sexual innuendos.
  • The Incredible True Story of the Collarbomb Heist. I read this story a few weeks ago but forgot to include it, and I realise it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But if you like true crime stories with a touch of the bizarre, this is the piece for you. I find it fascinating.
  • Nerdy obsessions/ladyboner combination. On the long, long list of things that I’m obsessed with, there are three that stand out for their stereotypically geeky nature: Lord of the Rings, Star Trek and Sherlock Holmes. Obviously I’ve been watching/loving the excellent BBC series Sherlock, and was psyched to hear that Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) would be playing Smaug in the upcoming Hobbit movie. Now I also hear that he’s going to be in the new Star Trek movie. Throw in the fact that he is a TOTAL BABE…
    …and you’ve got my dream man. I’m not shy at expressing my appreciation for fine gentlemen, especially when they’re shirtless in Buckingham Palace, so Benedict! Call me!
  • Old Rags. A fashion history tumblr that I found recently and I am IN LOVE with. I love seeing the ways that fashion and what was “appropriate” for ladies to be seen in has changed through the ages, as well as how present-day style is influenced by the past. Plus, there are sequins. HISTORICAL sequins.
  • Snow no! It snowed briefly here on Tuesday, was beautiful, magical, etc. and now we’re back to fifty degrees. In January. In Chicago. This is beyond an anomaly, but I love it. I don’t know who sold their soul to what deity, but whoever you are, I want to buy you a drink.
  • Unexpected colour combinations. According to fashion, 2011 was The Year of Colourblocking.
    I’m glad that the antibiotic I’m taking is so on-trend.
  • New projects. New year, new opportunities. I’m so excited to do more of what I love, rather than just what I’m good at.
  • This story. It doesn’t make me happy exactly, but it does make me smile. And then feel a little upset that there isn’t a painting out there that I hate (love?) enough to rub my butt on and attempt to pee all over.

How was your week? Did you make any resolutions? If you had to rub your butt on a famous work of art, which would it be? INQUIRING MINDS!

One thought on “Wind It Up: Ten things I love about life (in the first week of January)

  1. One of the kids at the school where I work came back from Chicago – where she was over Christmas – all annoyed that it hadn’t been cold! We Londoners have also become accustomed to a foot or two of snow over the past few years and yet, this year… NOTHING. It’s quite disappointing!

    Want to hear your ukelele playing by the way.


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