I made you a mixtape: We.

Oh yeah, it’s time for the last of the awesome playlists! Today’s theme is “We.” Aww, see what I did there? It’s because I love us.

Click HERE or on the picture to listen; as always, the track listing is underneath. Enjoy!

  • We both go down together — The Decemberists.
  • Nothing matters when we’re dancing — The Magnetic Fields. (I’ve been really loving them lately, is it obvious?)
  • We are the people — Empire of the Sun.
  • We’re a happy family — The Ramones.
  • Just like we — Hot Chip.
  • We’re going to be friends — The White Stripes.
  • All we ask — Grizzly Bear.
  • Just like we do — Eisley.
  • Baby, we’ll be fine — The National.
  • We’re an American band — Grand Funk Railroad.
  • We R who we R — Ke$ha.
  • So here we are — Bloc Party.
  • How far have we really come? — Powderfinger.
  • We suck young blood (your time is up) — Radiohead.
  • We laugh indoors — Death Cab for Cutie.
  • We are here — Au Revoir Simone.
  • We will become silhouettes — The Postal Service.
  • We are nowhere and it’s now — Bright Eyes.
  • We carry on — Portishead.
  • We used to wait — Arcade Fire.
  • We care — MGMT.
  • We don’t care — MGMT. (I thought this looked funny next to each other)
  • The world we live in — The Killers.
  • We luv dez hoez — Outkast.

I had planned to write a list of things that made me happy this week, but after yesterday I realise that it boils down to one very simple thing: That right now, right at this second, I am not having another cranial MRI. MRIs are probably not scary at all to most people, but when you are claustrophobic (and I am!) they are an unholy nightmare. I spent an hour stuffed in a tiny tube with horrible plastic headgear all over me, trying to breathe normally & not have a panic attack. I cried the entire time. But I got through it, maybe not with any of my dignity intact, but through it all the same. I still feel shaky and like I want to throw up, but that may be the contrast dye. So basically: I’m glad that’s over, and I’m never doing it again.

What about you guys? Any fun stories from The Week That Was? How about some awesome MRI stories?


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