I made you a mixtape: You.

It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means…another awesome playlist! Today’s theme is YOU. That’s right: irreplaceable, embraceable you. You’re so special to me, you know? Of course you do, you always understand.

Wow, so many “you” sentences. And I’m just getting started! CLICK HERE or on the picture below to listen to “You.” As always, track listing is underneath. I know how you hate surprises.

  • Part of your world — The Little Mermaid.
  • You & I — Lady Gaga. (I think I like this song because of my residual 90’s love of Shania Twain)
  • No-one will ever love you — The Magnetic Fields.
  • Only you — Portishead.
  • Pictures of you — The Cure.
  • On your way — The Album Leaf.
  • You came to me — Beach House.
  • Every you, every me — Placebo.
  • Are you gonna be my girl — JET.
  • Can’t take my eyes off of you — Lauryn Hill.
  • Do you realise?? — The Flaming Lips.
  • You make me like charity — The Knife.
  • Without you — Empire of the Sun.
  • While you wait for the others — Grizzly Bear.
  • I’ll be seeing you — Frank Sinatra.
  • You know what I mean — Cults.
  • Are you the one — The Presets.
  • Only you can make you happy — Au Revoir Simone.
  • Oh, I buried you today — The Raveonettes.
  • A case of you — Joni Mitchell.
  • (Baby I’ve got you) on my mind — Powderfinger.
  • You’re my best friend — Queen.
  • You don’t scare me — Josh Pyke.
  • Take you on a cruise — Interpol.
  • Miss you love — Silverchair.
  • If you see me — The Black Keys.
  • You know you’re right — Nirvana.
  • Now that you’ve got it — Gwen Stefani.
  • You can do better than me — Death Cab for Cutie.

I hope this makes your week even more fantastic! Right now I’m psyching myself up; I have an MRI on Thursday and have I ever mentioned how much I HATE small, enclosed spaces? Because I really do!

I’m sure everything will be fine. Friday will bring the last in this playlist series, and maybe also a very short list of happy things. Not because I’m unhappy, just because of space and laziness.

One thought on “I made you a mixtape: You.

  1. Not sure if it will overcome fear of closed spaces, but I had an MRI in college when I was taking physics. I asked my (awesome) professor about how it worked, and the nerdiness of knowing how the magnets were bouncing some sort of resonating waves off my body parts to make pictures made it an adventure (and I made them show me the pictures, even if I didn’t understand them. It’s like alien technology. Good luck.


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