Wind It Up: Ten things I love about life (in the last week of November)

I mentioned that I was going to make an effort to be a happier kind of person. As part of that effort, I’m going to start making a list of the most happy-making things in my life each week. I know it’s not exactly groundbreaking, but it’s a good way to keep in mind all of the things I’m grateful for on a weekly basis, not just on Thanksgiving.

So here we are, the inagural Wind It Up: Ten things that made me really happy this week.

  • My hair. After two months of bleaching, super weird intermediate colours and not exactly shared visions, my hair is dark blonde again. There’s something inherently funny about paying four hundred dollars to make your mop look the way it would if you never messed with it, so you know, I’m laughing on the inside. But I love it so. I didn’t even have to get used to it, even though my hair has been dark for about seven years. It felt like I took off a wig and was like “Oh yeah, THAT’S what I look like.”
  • My unicorn weave.
    I made it a couple weekends ago (so proud!) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I custom coloured it the perfect shade of baby pink and made it so that it clips into my hair instead of having to be glued or sewn. Now I can have pink hair when I want to and be a responsible, mature-looking adult when I need to. Best of both worlds. Plus, no dicking around with bleach. Bonus.
  • Tutus. Always loved ’em, always will. I thought about buying a non-ballet issue one but then discovered that the majority are NOT very chic. So now I’m thinking I’ll sew one myself, because then it’s sure to look the way I want it to. As long as I don’t sew my fingers together. (That maybe already happened, once upon a time.)
  • This tweet, from my beloved Christin:
    She’s basically the best, and not just because she gives me compliments.
  • Raspberry Newtons. Like Fig Newtons, but with–you guessed it!–raspberry filling. So delicious.
  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy comes out in a week, and I can’t wait to see it. There are so many fine men in this movie, it’s practically pornographic.
  • Essie’s holiday collection.
    It should be obvious why I’m nuts about it, but in case it isn’t: So! Much! Glitter!
  • Running. I finished my physical therapy last week (yay!) and have been slowly getting back into my daily workout routine. Which is awesome, because I missed it! And yeah, the first day I thought I was going to die and had to bribe myself to go for more than ten minutes, but I’m building back up to where I was. It’s good to be really moving again.
  • Reading Winter’s Tale in winter. The only way it could possibly be better is if I was reading it in New York. Just saying.
  • Michael’s moustache. He grew it for Movember, he shaved it off the other day. But not before this happened:
    And it will never NOT be funny. Orange Juice Michael is the best.

That’s been my life! What ten things are you happy about this week?

2 thoughts on “Wind It Up: Ten things I love about life (in the last week of November)

  1. So excited for TTSS too! Part of it is wanting to see Benedict Cumberbatch, but also for the amazing plot (I hear). I can’t rant about the movie or him to friends because all have never heard of them.):


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