TV Marathons For When You Feel Terrible.

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that I was in a car accident last weekend. It’s okay in the sense that everyone walked away from it, but my neck, head and back are pretty messed up. Not to mention the car, which was mangled. But considering how bad it could have been, I feel very, very lucky.

While I wait for everything to heal, my mobility is limited. Anything too strenuous is out, so I can’t run. Anything that involves bending my neck is basically impossible, so that mostly rules out reading. Those are my two favourite things. And I’m ready to start climbing the walls in three…two…one…

In other words, I’ve been logging some serious TV time. And you know what, some TV shows work a lot better as a consistent block, rather than split into individual episodes. It makes them funnier or more mysterious or whatever, but usually funnier because that’s what I like when I feel like shit. Something is really ADDED to them when watched all at once. So here’s my list of Shows To Watch As Marathons When You Feel Terrible.

  • Arrested Development.

Do I even have to explain this one? I don’t even know what it’s like to watch this show an episode at a time because I’ve only ever digested its awesomeness in gigantic chunks. The thing that makes this show great for binge viewing is that you REALLY catch the recurring jokes that run through the series. Let’s talk the sad Charlie Brown walk, “Her?”, “The fact that you call it that means you’re not ready,” and of course…

  • True Blood.

This is more of a temporal one. Because it’s taken three years of real time to get to where we are now, it’s easy to forget that that the first three seasons took place in, like, two months of Bon Temps time. It gives events a lot more weight when you really see how close together all of these things happen and kind of makes the less liked characters (ahem, Tara) a little more likeable in retrospect. If all that shit happened to me, I’d be permanently weirded out too.

  • LOST.

If you are a certain kind of person, this show will get its hooks into you and not let go. Once that’s happened it’s best to watch it all the way through in one shot. That way there are no cliffhanger endings, no waiting around, no time to speculate (unless you want to speculate, of course). Plus, Sawyer. Shirtless. And I have the ability to pause. Rowr.

During the last season of LOST, there was some quiz thing you could take on to find out what Sawyer’s nickname for you would be. I took it because I’m such a dork, and it said he’d call me Madame Butterfly. I didn’t know how to feel about that for a minute, and then realised it didn’t matter because he’s a babe. The end.

  • Fringe.

If you liked LOST, you’ll probably like Fringe. And if you ever had a crush on Pacey, well then, hold on to your pants because DAMN. The reason I suggest mainlining this show is because it starts out bad. The first half of Season one is…not awesome. Nobody seems comfortable with their characters (except John Noble as Walter) and you can see that the PR department was trying to churn out a LOST clone with the whole “What is the pattern?” thing. Ugh. Anyway, rest assured that it gets much better. Much, MUCH better. The last season to air was some of the best television I’ve seen ever, and I cannot WAIT for it to come back. Plus, Leonard Nimoy is in it, and if that doesn’t tell you something I don’t know what will.

  • Downton Abbey.

Okay, this was a miniseries, but I’m including it because it’s FANTASTIC. Professor MacGonagall is a haughty Dowager Countess, and she is HILARIOUS. But there are also sex scandals! Titanic deaths! Gay dudes! Ladies getting jobs! Ladies wearing pants! MR BATES! And, of course, it’s gorgeous to look at in every detail. You basically have to watch the whole thing straight through, because you get so involved in the plot that you won’t be able to wait. It’s also highly quotable; for example, you’d be amazed how many times it’s appropriate to ask “What is a weekend?”

Seriously. Try it out sometime.

  • Archer.

I know, I know: Animation is not everyone’s thing. But don’t give up based on that alone, because this show is SUPER funny. Like Arrested Development, if you watch both seasons straight through you’ll see a lot of recurring jokes (“That’s classic her/him/you” & “This is how we get ants!” spring to mind). I’ve always found this show to have a lot in common with radio shows, to be honest, because so little of the humour is visual. It’s all the writing and the voice acting. And it’s superb.

  • Gilmore Girls.

Quick dialogue and strong female characters = chicken soup for the cervical strain. Plus, this show contains one of the few depictions of how my brain ACTUALLY WORKS:


Anyway. I realise that there are vast swathes of potential tv marathons that I’ve missed. A friend suggested Band of Brothers, but I’ve never seen even one episode, let alone the whole thing in one shot. What say you, citizens of the interwebs? What are the best tv marathons for when you feel terrible?

12 thoughts on “TV Marathons For When You Feel Terrible.

  1. Based on the recommendations here that I’ve seen and loved (FRINGE! so underrated, and Gilmore Girls… awww, and True Blood… poor Tara), I’ve gotta give the others a chance. Never hopped on the LOST train, but kinda tempted. And McGonagall’s show seems fabulously dramatic.

  2. I LOVE Arrested Development – re-watching the series for the 3rd time now – “How anyone i my family even seen a chicken?” Classic! x

      1. I will tell you after the first season… from memory yes… my sister and her friends use to have tuesday night drinking and OC night … always a lot of fun

  3. No recommendations here (well, I love House M.D. for his sarcastic wit and the chance of watching someone say exactly all the stuff I want to say all the time but can’t, because it would get me fired or crucified – but I have no clue if that’s up your alley), just wanted to say: Hope you’ll be feeling better soon!

  4. I’d also like to throw in here the IT Crowd, which is good for the VERY late nights sitting around drinking. Oh and I’ve also got into Being Human in a very big way. Both the US and UK versions.

  5. Ah yes, Arrested Development is my go-to feel good show. It’s the only thing that makes me laugh during a serious depression. And I mean laugh hard. It kind of weirds me out actually.

    I hope you been rejuvenated in both body and soul by some veggin’ out!


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