Crack-up at a wedding

Sometimes it’s the little things.

Char and I went to a wedding on Friday (we love you, Blake and Christie!). Before we even got there, it was a veritable circus of train accidents, traffic jams and frayed nerves. Clearly it was because I was there. DANGERGIRL strikes again!

But as we sat in a corner at the reception, all but ignoring our dates (who were obviously the handsomest men there and we’re very sorry), we thought back to last year. One year and one day ago, Charlotte and I jumped into her car and drove six hours to Ohio to see our friends open for the Pumpkins in Columbus. This was important to me for a few reasons:

  • Hello, Smashing Pumpkins?! Were you a teenager in the nineties? I know I was!
  • I’d somehow managed to live ten years in Chicago and never seen Kill Hannah play.
  • We planned the trip like ten hours before leaving, which is INCREDIBLY SPONTANEOUS for me.
  • I was kind of (okay, totally) heartbroken at the time, and this was the first time I felt like I was going to be okay.

You never know how it’s going to be, growing up, and you never know what love looks like until you find it. The world puts tonnes of emphasis on romantic love (girls, find your husbands before it’s too late!) but not as much on finding the other key relationships in your life. Personally, I think it’s WAY more important to find a couple of really close friends. You learn things from friendships that make it easier to be in a romantic relationship; how to communicate, how to share, how to really be there for someone. I’ve often heard people say that they’re no good at being a girlfriend or boyfriend. I’ve never once heard anyone say they’re not good at being a friend.

I looked at these pictures that Char’s boyfriend took. We were trying to smile nicely for the camera, but we got a simultaneous case of Chardonnay giggles & took ten minutes to calm down. For some reason, I looked at these pictures and I swear that I could see us in twenty years time. We’ll be at a graduation or an engagement party sitting by ourselves with a half-empty bottle of wine and two heads full of silly in-jokes. I don’t know how anything else in my life or her life will be. But I know we’ll be in it together.

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