Hi guys, welcome to the TOTALLY IMPROVED BLOG. I know! It’s looking awesome and it’s not even done yet, but what it is, is functional. Right now that’s all I can ask for. That and my sanity.

So. A lot has been going on lately, and it’s been SUPER INCREDIBLY DRAMATIC. It has ALSO involved eighty percent more non-disclosure agreements and interactions with law enforcement (state, federal, international) than normal but because of the previously mentioned NDAs, I can’t talk about them. Wahmp wahmp. It’s a whole new level of cool, frustrating and surreal.

For some reason I totally can’t think of proper things to say, my brain has been friend from the weirdness. I’m proud of my blog! It looks pretty! And it only took a finite amount of swearing, where previously I’d thought that there were NOT ENOUGH CURSES IN THE ENTIRE WORLD to get me here.

Normal service returns this week. And this isn’t like all those times where I say that and then vanish down the rabbit hole of Other Projects; I really mean it this time.


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