Ask Alle Personal Questions: The Formspring Edition

So last week, I set up a Formspring account for the languishing Ask Alle feature on this here blog. I log in today and I have fifty two questions. Fifty. Two. Questions.

I made it a point to say that no topic is off limits, and I stand by that. But a lot of the questions I’ve gotten so far are kind of personal? It’s okay to ask them because this blog is like 75% about MEEEEE but I skip over a lot of the basics, thus inviting a fair amount of curiosity. So it’s cool if you ask, but some stuff I won’t answer. That’s how it is.

What I’m going to do is knock a bunch of these questions out of the park right now, because that way I won’t have to keep answering them. Also I like writing about myself; I am my own favourite subject! Wooh! I’ll stop being so vain when I stop being so fantastic!

Here we go…

Are you tall? How tall are you? Do you like being tall?

I am 5’10. I’ve been tall my whole life; I’ve only grown a couple of inches since sixth grade. I haven’t always liked being tall, mostly because it was hard to find clothes that fit me, but now I like it very much. I’d be even taller, if I could.

Why do you hate your hair?

Because I’m a control freak with uncontrollable hair. It does exactly what it wants, all the time, and it makes me CRAZY. It’s very thick and heavy so it’s not easy to live with in summer. It’s also naturally blonde so I have to dye it dark brown every month, and to crown it all it’s been greying since I was twenty-two. So, you know. Awesome.

How many piercings/tattoos do you have? Why do have them/why don’t you have more?

Each of my ears is pierced three times, even though I usually only wear one earring per ear. My right nostril is pierced; this is to balance my face (I have two freckles on my left cheek). I used to have my nipples pierced, but that did not work out well. I also have the backs of my thighs tattooed. This hurt A LOT and took two weeks to heal up, but was worth it. I don’t have more piercings because I can’t think of anything else I want pierced, and I don’t have more tattoos because I haven’t gotten around to it.

Why are you single? (Someone phrased this as “What’s wrong with you?”)

Because relationships are a lot of work, and I haven’t met anyone I’m willing to dedicate that kind of time to lately. I like not having a boyfriend just as much as I like having one, so aside from the whole not getting laid thing, I’m totally cool with being single.

Why don’t you party anymore? I miss your drunk stories.

I don’t go out as much as I used to because I moved, because I’m busy all the time and because I was sick of making dumb drunk choices. These days I’m much more likely to be sitting on the couch watching Forensic Files while I work long into the night. Hustle hustle hustle.

What happened with your depression?

It went away. I stopped taking the Zoloft after about six weeks because it was fucking with my sleep. I still talk to my shrink on occasion and it helps me deal with some leftover big stuff, but I’m back to being able to handle life as my fantastic self again. I don’t really know what else to say about it because I put the work in and it went away, but it wasn’t a miracle. Basically, if you’re depressed (or you think you might be, or someone else says they think you might be but you can’t tell because you’re a poor judge of these things), get help. Life is really awesome, even when it isn’t, and I’m really glad I can experience it properly again.

Is who you are online who you are in real life?

These were a weird set of questions, asking me about my confidence level. I assume it means “Is Alle as swaggery in real life as she is on her blog?” and the answer is “Absolutely I am.”

I understand why people ask this. Bloggers are becoming real-life celebrities and marketing yourself as a consistent brand is as important as good writing these days. I’ve had a hard time doing this because my brand is MYSELF, and myself is a difficult thing to pin down. My interests are constantly changing. My life is changing too, and I write about it as it does. There are a couple differences between me in life and me online; the first is that my sense of humour is more obvious in person. I love hyperbole and self-aggrandisment, but in a dry way, and I think that comes across better IRL. The second is that my strangeness is masked more readily on the internet, but in person it is very clearly on display. I won’t ruin the surprise any further.

Also, people get the benefit of my hybrid accent when I talk, and that scores points no matter where I go.

Are you and Charlotte dating?

We’re best friends and we’re a little married, but we’re not romantically involved.

You have cool style. Are you always dressed up?

Absolutely not. Most days I’m sitting at my dining room table, writing, and wearing jeans that are two sizes too big, a hoodie from Target and my shark slippers. How terribly glamourous!

My hair is also almost always pulled up in a knot on the top of my head. It looks ridiculous, but it’s the best way to keep it out of my grill short of shaving it. I still haven’t ruled that out, btw. I think I’d look great bald.

I am (blank)teen and want to move to a different country. Should I?

I can’t say what’s right for everyone, but I will say that it’s a big decision to make when you’re still very young. Think about it, and know that as hard as you think it’s going to be, it’s probably going to be about sixty times harder.

You need to get better at updating. Sometimes you don’t update for a long time and I’m disappointed in you. (Direct quote)

I’m sorry that I can’t update every day, all the time. Some weeks I am very busy with paid work, some weeks I have family emergencies to deal with, some weeks I’m covered in blood (for real, that happened one day) and some weeks I’m exhausted and flat-out just don’t feel like it. I can’t wait until this blog is the majority of what I do, but until then, life’s a bit of a balancing act. Thankyou for putting up with me.

Feels good to be back, guys!

Loves you!

4 thoughts on “Ask Alle Personal Questions: The Formspring Edition

  1. You’ve always been this “swaggery”, even in high school. Just projected it differently. I liked you a lot then, and I like this Alle even more.


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