Logan Square Summer

God, I love summer. I love summer even when it’s a hundred degrees and my hair is getting frizzy and I’m all sweaty and the air-conditioning doesn’t work in whatever building I’m in that isn’t my apartment (such places, apparently, really do exist). After the weird fake-summer the midwest was subjected to last year, I prayed to the weather gods for a sun-drenched amazing do-over in 2010. And BOY HOWDY, are we getting it.

We’re also getting some crazy-amazing thunderstorms, Friday afternoon’s being especially noteworthy. I finished yoga (elaboration to come) and walked home under an overcast sky. It was still cloudy but well-behaved when I jumped in the shower. When I got out of the shower fifteen minutes later, the sky was so dark that the streetlights had turned on, the wind was tearing branches off trees and as I was closing my windows, it started raining so hard that I couldn’t see across the street.

Zero to creepy in fifteen minutes.

And the other weird part? Saturday was sunny and beautiful. Not a cloud in the sky. Go figure.

Not being the kind of people who look gift horses in the mouth, Rachel and I gathered up blankets, coffee & books and headed outside to take advantage of summer. Rachel (or as I sometimes call her, “Little Miss Dry Sack”) is not only an amazing blogger, writer and friend, she’s also my editor. How lucky am I to have a boss that I can routinely say things like “jack-off olympics” to? Extremely!

I’m trying to improve my photography skillz a little and move from solely documenting events to capturing more transient things. Showing rather than telling, I suppose. The pictures I took on Saturday weren’t of what we were doing–reading, talking–but were meant to capture the mood as we did them. Pretentious, right?

Okay, maybe this one is a little document-y. Books, nailpolish, music, coffee, my blindingly white legs (with freshly applied bandaids).

Fishbone braids & the ever-present frizz.

Rachel’s nameplate necklace.

My necklaceS. And bikini. And boobs. Carve me on the prow of a ship, why dontcha.

Portrait of a Lady. Maybe the best photo I’ve ever taken, EVER?

Blue dress.

Self-portrait with perfect lens flare and extreeeeeme around-the-ear-curls.

Ze boulevard.

I am totally, totally loving this season. Chicago, how could I have ever thought of leaving you? I mean, I still might. Probably will, in fact. But at least I’ll have something to miss when I do.

Loves you.

6 thoughts on “Logan Square Summer

  1. Wait hang on, you mean the last month of 95-degree weather is YOUR fault? You ASKED for this???

    I demand that you come spend a week with me in the non-air-conditioned Apartment of +10 Humidity. You can hold my cat on your lap/shoulder while wearing a preggers body suit. 😛 We still have three weeks to go before we can move into the new place (I haven’t had central air in YEARS, it will be GLORIOUS).

    1. i’m sorry! I DIDN’T THINK!

      if it helps, you’re always welcome to come over & sit in the a/c with me.


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