Ask Alle: Playgirl Playlist

This week’s question comes from an old friend via Twitter, but first, the circumstances.

Kris voluntarily admitted to liking Owl City’s sonic abomination “Fireflies” which of course made me wrinkle up my elitist nose. “What’s wrong with Owl City?” he asked, to which I said…

Except that “Give Up” is an amazing album and Owl City is fucking terrible. But I’ll say anything in the interests of hyperbole.

Then Kris asked a question that forced me to take off my hipster music hat and put on my Ask Alle stocking.

“Something I’ve always wanted to Ask Alle: What does your Favourites playlist look like? Awesome, probably.”

Dear Kris,

My favourites playlist is awesome to me. Just from looking at it I might be mistaken for a fifteen year old girl/RuPaul/a sparkly unicorn. I don’t care, because I love pop music in the most sincere and unironic way. I joke about being a pretentious hipster, but in reality I’m a free-to-be-you-and-me kind of girl. People can like what they like–AS LONG AS IT ISN’T OWL CITY, KRIS. Or The Dave Matthews Band. Because seriously, hello dealbreakers.

Playgirl Playlist: Alle’s Favourites

1. Friday, I’m In Love — The Cure. (Number one favourite song of all time.)
2. It’s Raining Men — The Weathergirls.
3. 99 Problems — Jay-Z.
4. Respect — Aretha Franklin.
5. Stop — The Spice Girls.
6. Seven Nation Army — The White Stripes.
7. Ten Dollar — M.I.A.
8. Help, I’m Alive — Metric.
9. Crystalised — The xx.
10. I’m Good, I’m Gone (Black Kids remix) — Lykke Li.
11. Just Dance (Saeglopur style) — Cj Milli.
12. Prescilla — Bat for Lashes.
13. You Belong With Me — Taylor Swift.
14. Twilight — The Raveonettes.
15. Alison — Elvis Costello. (I’m a sucker for songs with my name in them.)
16. The Shoop Shoop Song — Cher.
17. Shoop — Salt n Pepa.
18. Come Fly With Me — Frank Sinatra.
19. Wannabe — The Spice Girls.
20. Fell In Love With A Girl — The White Stripes.
21. Electric Feel — MGMT.
22. Such Great Heights — The Postal Service.
23. Daydream Believer — The Monkees.
24. Gay Bar — Electric Six.
25. Stronger — Britney Spears.

I kind of structured this more around what would sound best as a mixtape than anything else, so this isn’t really in order. Anyway, I feel like to make a really accurate Favourites list, I would need highly specific sub-categories like “Best Pop Songs–Terrible Edition,” “Best Songs To Get Dressed To,” “Best Sad Songs,” “Best Lyrics” and so on.

So there you have it. What’s your Top 25 playlist looking like?

Loves you!

2 thoughts on “Ask Alle: Playgirl Playlist

  1. First of all, THANK YOU LOTS N LOTS!!! I don’t care that you think they are an abomination :). I think Ke$ha is an abomination but her albums sell. Now, I went through your entire list, and loaded them in to Grooveshark. Which means you made me listen to Britney Spears and Taylor Swift. So I’m going to go cry in a corner now.

    1. Like.
    2. No opinion.
    3. No opinion. Like the lyrics.
    4. Classic.
    5. Is a classic.
    6. Anything by the White Stripes rocks.
    7. In general, I like MIA. But I didn’t like this one as much as you apparently… I liked Paper Planes more.
    8. Like.
    9. No opinion.
    10. No opinion.
    11. Couldn’t find this one on Grooveshark…
    12. Like.
    13. Dislike.
    14. Like.
    15. Awww… it does remind me of you too.
    16. Absolute classic.
    17. PMSL. LIKE!!!
    18. Come Fly With Me — Frank Sinatra.
    19. See 5.
    20. See 6.
    21. This is on my Fav list too.
    22. No opinion.
    23. The Monkees are classic…
    24. Rocks.
    25. No. Just no.


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