Things I Got Used To A Little Too Quickly: a Lists Lists Lists! production

Right! Enough of this silliness! Time to get back to where I once belonged, doing things that I love, and one of those things is WRITING MAH PANTS OFF.

I was browsing through Garance Dore’s most wonderful blog today, and I found a list she had made of things she got used to a little too quickly. How charming, I thought, and I began to wonder about what I had gotten used to too quickly. Eventually I made my own list.

Things I Got Too Used To A Little Too Quickly:

– Starbucks. I didn’t realise how used to these particular drinks–not coffee itself, which I’m pretty ambivalent about, but a STARBUCKS WHITE CHOCOLATE MOCHA–until I couldn’t get them anymore. My hometown of Perth, Western Australia, is the most isolated city in the world. It is home to almost two million people…and ZERO Starbucks. Let me repeat that: There. Are. No. STARBUCKS. For THREE MONTHS. My friends told me that maybe there was maybe one in Sydney–maybe! ONE!–and, when I got to Sydney, it was the first thing I looked for. I found it right behind my hotel. Mercy.

– Skinny jeans. When this trend first surfaced I was all “Aw HALE naw! No WAY are you getting my ass in those things, I’ll look like a water buffalo!” The first pair I tried on I hated. The second pair I tried on I was kind of “meh” about. And the third pair came home with me. I’ve been a believer ever since and I kind of can’t believe that I ever wore anything else.

– Social networking sites. Remember the days before Myspace and Facebook? How did we ever meet ANYONE? How did we keep in touch with friends? Seriously. It’s changed the way I think, and it’s changed the way I interact with people. A friend told me yesterday that a dude she’d been seeing stopped taking her calls and de-friended her on Facebook; the first part I was like, oh, typical douche guy move, but the second part SHOCKED me. Modern life is so weird.

– Having a Blackberry (or a smartphone, whatever the hell this thing is). I used to just have a crappy flip-phone that took calls (sometimes) and sent text messages (when it felt like it). Now I have this thing that takes good pictures, manages my email, auto-spellchecks my text messages AND lets me keep up with Facebook and Twitter and whatever else my little heart desires on the interwebs. While in Australia, I had to go back to using a crappy flip-phone again and oh my god life was HARD.

– Wearing heels. I remember so vividly the first time that my mother’s heels fit me. I was eleven; it was magical. By the time I was thirteen and in high school, I was wearing “sensible” black school shoes that just happened to have a four-inch heel every. Single. Day. (Also with bright slouch socks and scores of neon glitter bracelets, but that was just me) I remember that breaking in a new pair of school shoes was painful, but wearing them afterwards was a breeze. Just like now. Persistence!

– I can’t think of anything else. Here is a picture of how I feel today:

I was much too far out all my life,
And not waving but drowning.

Loves you!

2 thoughts on “Things I Got Used To A Little Too Quickly: a Lists Lists Lists! production

  1. I switch between a data and regular phone all the time. I love my regular phone. It’s bulletproof. I’ve gone through several smart phones already. To be fair, one went bouncing down a canyon, another suffered at the hands of my motorcycle and some rough off road riding, and the third got drowned but has now come back to life.


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