Sidewalk love letters

It’s Monday, and the first day of my Detox + Rehab mission. And might I say, not a minute too soon. If this weekend demonstrated anything to me, it’s that I am capable of anything: good and bad. Why is it that the stuff that’s the most fun is also the most morally questionable? As a souvenir, I am covered in the UGLIEST and MOST PAINFUL bruises of my life. Still, I regret nothing! On with the detox!

Anyway. Lindsay and I went on one of our customary long walks recently, and I took the opportunity to document some of my favourite neighbourhood street art.




I love seeing these around. They make me feel happy every single time, and…hopeful? I’m not sure how to explain it. It’s like finding a love letter lying on the ground, and even though it’s not for you, you’re happy because it means there’s still love in the world. Does that make sense?


Here’s Lindsay (left, blue jeans) and me (sequin converse, hells yes) posing with a non-lovehearted love letter.


Here’s an awesome stencil of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich (read the article I linked to; it’s funny ’cause it’s true) along Milwaukee. I’m not sure of the cross-street, but it’s by that overpass with the old traintracks running over it.


When the news that Blago had tried to sell President Obama’s senate seat broke, I was in Australia. It was very strange to hear news about your home town covered by the international media. They really made it sound like Chicago was stuck in the 1920’s, corrupt and run by mobsters, which is so not true. Um. On second thought…Run, Alle! Run!


Wonder what the hot-button issue in the neighbourhood was recently? Hmm…


Linds and I had a minor disagreement about this one. She said it was a panda on TV; I said it was a panda in the microwave. Which one of us is right?

So after our long walk, we returned to her house to watch Daisy of Love (because we’re gluttons for punishment like that). It’s been raining in Chicago more or less constantly recently, so everything green has grown like crazy. Check out her front yard now!


WOWIE WOW WOW. A few months ago, we could not have even imagined how worthwhile our hard work was going to be. My mum always told me that if you invest time or labour or love into something that lives, it’ll pay you back twelvefold. This is proof of that if ever there was proof of anything.

Oh, and remember how I didn’t think the grass was going to take?


Turns out that wasn’t a problem. Haaaaaay.

What about you guys? What did you get up to this weekend? Weigh in, y’all!

Loves you!

6 thoughts on “Sidewalk love letters

  1. itz a microwave, see the buttons and the exlemation mark – saying, “hey look at me, I´m inside a microwave – it´s obvious!


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