Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate

Oh hay, guise. Happy Thursday.

I was going through my wardrobe today, thinking about what to keep and what to purge, when I started thinking about the stuff in it that I love the most. I’m generally a pretty unsentimental person, so it’s rare that I keep anything just to keep it, but there are a few things that are really super precious to me. I rounded up a few of them and took their pictures so that I can share them with you. Here they are, the contents of Alle’s Treasure Chest.


Remember when everyone started saying “live every week like it’s Shark Week”? Well, I actually do. Behold: SHARK SLIPPERS!


They’re so goofy and amazing, I love them so much. They keep my feet really warm but they’re kind of hard to walk in. My cleaning lady thinks they’re stuffed animals, so I always come home to find them sitting on my bed when she’s been in.

(Also pictured: my favourite jeans. They’re so old and slobby, not to mention two sizes too big, but I ADORE THEM. The denim is the perfect softness. I will never throw them away, even if wearing them makes me look like a teenage boy.)


Here I am, workin’ out my old school uniform. At my old high school in Australia (Ocean Reef SHS, aka: “the juvenile detention center” if you went to St. Marks) lower school students–so kids in years 8,9 and 10–wore a different uniform than upper school students–years 11 and 12. This is my upper school jersey. I still love it. The embroidery on my right boob denotes that I had academic colours, which means that I earned a certain number of A’s every year. Beauty and brains? That’s how I roll.


Some of my more significant jewellery.
1. Peridot ring, as given to me by my brother for no reason at all. He just handed it to me and said “I got this for you because it’s green and shit, and your eyes are green and shit, so I thought you’d like it.” He was right, though I needed a ring guard to keep it on my absurdly tiny hands.
2. Big A necklace. I bought this for like ten bucks at Claires, and it’s the best ten dollars I’ve ever spent. It’s become my trademark. It’s so simple and bold, I just love it.
3. I-could-pay-rent-for-a-year-with-these earrings. A present when I graduated college. I wear them almost every day. They’re so huge that people don’t immediately think they’re real. Surprise.
4. Gold heart. This was a present from my first love. I keep it in my jewellery box, it’s such a great reminder of the olden days.
5. Rosary. This belonged to my maternal grandmother. Sometimes I wear it when I need extra strength or when I’m especially worried or scared. I tend to rub Jesus when I’m nervous. Jesus is a little more golden than he used to be because of it.


The sequinned bag used to be my mother’s. This was hands down my favourite thing of hers when I was a kid; even then I was obsessed with anything sparkly. It’s a bit fragile now so it lives at home–though I did lend it to AJ last year for her wedding. The pearl necklace I bought for myself with my first modelling paycheck, henceforth referred to as “blood money.” The necklace gets worn with everything. I’d probs sleep in it if the pearls weren’t so pokey.


These books used to belong to my Dad. He’s a big Jane Austen fan and so am I; in fact, he was reading this very copy of “Emma” the day that I was born. Know how I know that? I found a Pizza Hut reciept tucked inside the cover and dated September 10, 1984. That explains so much about my personality, I cannot even tell you.


My most precious possession: Puss, the stuffed white cat. I’ve had her since I was very small; I always thought she was alive, Velveteen Rabbit-style. To this day, I’m still not totally convinced that she isn’t. I’ve slept with her tucked under my arm almost every night of my life, and I probably always will.

So there you have it; some of my treasures. I might do this again soon because I just remembered a couple more things I would have liked to include. Hmm.

I’m feeling sickly again today; at this point I wonder if I actually have an immune system at all. It’s just not fair–if you so much as LOOK at me, I get a cold. I’m just drinking lots of water and feeling sorry for myself. BUT.


I planted a couple Nasturtium seeds in this little pot that’s been empty for a couple years now. Nasturtiums, by the way, are total assholes; you have to score the seeds before with a nail file or something before you plant them. Too hard. So again, I didn’t think anything would grow. Surprise! Truly, my green thumb is prodigious.

Loves you!

One thought on “Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate

  1. “I got this for you because it’s green and shit, and your eyes are green and shit…”
    I lol’d. That is so a brother thing to say. Instantly reminded me of my brother (except he would never spend money on me, but he might give me something he found on the ground or that someone had given him and he didn’t want).

    I have a superbeatup stuffed toy that I still sleep with, too. It is a formerly-pastel-pink bunny. Her name is Pinky (aren’t kids creative?). She appears in some of my Facebook photos.


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