Spring Fever!

IIIIIIIIIIIT’S MONDAY. This can only mean Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and The Hills. And that I only have to wait two more nights for new LOST! This week is a Faraday episode and I am seriously so effing excited I could explode. Best show ever? Um, YES. Haters to the left.

(Though…has anyone else been wondering why Faraday was wearing a tie on the island? I mean, I know there’s tonnes of stuff that’s weird about that island, but for some reason THIS is what’s been bothering me.)

Anyway, this weekend was totes amazing. Being in my head hasn’t been very fun lately, and I’ve been having a really rough time coping with the stuff that’s been happening to me, at me, around me. But, because they are amazing, my friends have been fantastic throughout and we’ve been to some truly spectacular night out. Thanks, y’all. I love you.


Friday night, my girlz and I went to Holiday Club for crappy food, CNN and 70’s blaxsploitation movies. It was the first nice night in Chicago since forever, and so I wore my favourite skirt. Which is, um, very short. Alicia and I were dancing and some dude asked me about my tattoos, which are on the backs of my legs. It was then that I wondered if it was too short.

Not willing to stop the party at 2am, we collected some more friends and went to Flatiron in Wicker Park. There, we ran into even more friends (I know, so popular) and some coked-up scarecrow-looking hipsters. Flatiron’s decent for peoplewatching, but that’s about it. We’ll probably be back some other night when we don’t want to go to Underbar, but we’ll act like we’re not enjoying it.


Saturday night was a Boats and Hoes birthday party at Bob Inn. This was awesome because, 1) I’ll take any excuse to get dressed up, and 2) Bob Inn is near my house. It had all the makings of a killer night; silly outfits, stealable hats (I don’t know where I got the sailor hat from, but I wore the shit out of it all night), old friends and new friends. Also booze! Three cheers for escaping from the yawning emotional void into drunk!


Pictured: Alicia, me (duh), Haley, Lindsay’s eye and nose, the top of Michelle’s head. We are all rocking some amazing bangs. So good.


Owing to the fact that I’d gotten eight hours of sleep during Friday and Saturday combined, I slept like a dead thing for most of Sunday. When I finally dragged my carcass out of bed, my tummy lead me out into the world for a sandwich–and what to my wondering eyes should appear? CHERRY BLOSSOMS, all up and down the boulevard! I know that Chicago is tricky about the seasons, but I’m starting to believe that it actually is spring. Don’t play me.


I’ve got two big window boxes on my back deck, and a couple weeks ago, I planted a whole buttload of seeds. I wasn’t really expecting anything much to grow (the packets had names like “Spring Heralds” and “Wildflower Medley” which is just so lame, I figured the plants would be embarrassed to show up) so IMAGINE MY SURPRISE when I saw this.


Holy shit. Amazing. But now I’m wondering if I planted TOO MANY seeds. Hmm. I guess worst case scenario is that I have a riot of flowers on my deck (boo hoo). I can’t wait to see what this looks like all growed up–seriously, I’m so excited–but then again I’m a nerd like that.

Ugh, today’s the day to accomplish the task I’ve been dreading: moving my music from old computer (PC) to new computer (Mac). I don’t want to do it. It seems like it’s going to take forever. But I have to suck it up because the rest of my week is insanely busy and I won’t get another chance until NEXT Monday. And it’s raining. So it’s not like I’m going to do anything else.

Loves you!

2 thoughts on “Spring Fever!

  1. no! it’s actually a program called poladroid. it’s amazing. there’s a version for pc as well, but i’ve used it on my old computer and it works a lot better on a mac.


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